Out of tens of attempted innovations, only two were proven infeasible. 

Chances are good that you can reach far and succeed.

Case Studies:

Click on images for links to these businesses.

Hair and Skin Care

Loreal, Clarisonic, Boldvue

Colorsonic, Clarisonic features, Skin rejuvination device principes

Oral Care:

Sonicare, Philips, Amabrush

Elite/Essence platform, Flexcare platform, Airfloss principle, additional innovations 

Marine Propulsion:

PropEle Electric Boat Motors (co-founder), Jackson/ Blue Sky Boats

EP Carry, Flex Drive e, Electric Paddle, Propeller designs for Jackson Kayaks, boat speed and solar propulsion modeling.  Additional innovations.


The Hingie (R) (co-founder)

The Hingie face shield and HandsFree camera/ phone holder, additional innovations. 

Medical Diagnostics

Enzymatics corp. (1990s)

Reaction capillary, Gel gradient coating, Blood collection and metering


Chronar Corp (1980s), PropEle Electric Boat Motors Inc. (current)

calculator cells, encapsulation development still in mainstream use,  solar power absorption for marine propulsion.  Automatic optimization of power absorption.  Propulsion speed modeling from solar.  Mentored champion solar racing teams. 

Current innovation projects- just for fun


By definition, new concepts come with risks; real and perceived.  Power to succeed comes from closing concerns (risks) through your plan.  Remember that concept-level risks cover a lot of ground including corporate, finance, partnerships, consumer, tech and cost, but they always inform a simple, direct, and executable plan.


Your stakeholders want low-risk. But they also want you to innovate.   These are not mutually incompatible asks.  Execution of your plan can often close concept-risks in a matter of weeks or months.  

Team Dynamics

Creatives want to change the world and need freedom. But they also crave support and acknowledgement. Communication is key with this group. With over 40 patents granted. I understand innovators.

Non-innovators are also extremely valuable in innovation settings when given clear objectives, respect, and a safe change process.

Remember that both types of team members are crucial to success.

GPD has access to baselined professional service providers:  including usability testing, preference testing, mechanical and electrical engineering, industrial design, materials, firmware, wireless, EMI, as well as prototyping and manufacturing services. 

Joe Grez, founder of Grez Product Development.

Accurate CAD model of a1957 land rover with Nissan Leaf drivetrain.  Project in planning phase.

Sunnyside is a 14 ft solar propelled demonstration platform that is part of the validation fleet for my solar propulsion model.  Sunnyside has traveled hundreds of nautical miles on nothing but the sun for propulsion.